The UCLA Center for Society and Genetics and Art/Sci present: Outlaw Biology? Public Participation in the Age of Big Bio 29-30 Jan. 2010 at the California NanoSystems Institute (map)
Friday 4-8pm: Symposium Saturday 10am-3pm: Workshop and Exhibition

The life sciences are alive with possibility—and not only in the laboratories of universities and boardrooms of pharmaceutical companies. Cheap and easy to use technologies, massive amounts of publicly available data, dynamic collaborative possibilities, changing hopes for old problems and beautiful new things for making—all these are arrayed around the life sciences. But does Big Bio still set the agenda? Just past the frontiers of law and order biology, a handful of outsiders, ranging from gentlemen scientists and visionaries to bio-artists and designers to high school students and hackers are tinkering with life as they find it and inviting you, the public, to participate.

On Friday, symposium panelists invite you to learn about do-it-yourself biology, open source science, at home medical genetics, bio-art and DNA chemistry, citizen science and novel ethical engagements with science at the cutting edge. On Saturday, an exhibition and workshop open to the public will offer participants hands-on lessons, discussions, and demonstrations of creative, scientific, practical an impractical ideas.

Download a flyer: Outlaw Biology Postcard
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